Misting Fans: The Better Cooling Device

cooling systemWith the sun out and shining as bright as ever, people have this feeling of discomfort brought by the constant heat and dry air. They are turning to cooling devices to battle the suffocating heat and thus, providers of such appliances have become aggressive in promoting their heat relief devices. Out of all these devices found in the market, two cooling appliances stand out: the misting fan and the air conditioner. Despite the competition, there are a number of reasons why misting fans are the better cooling devices. Here are the top reasons why one should get a misting fan rather than an Air conditioner

  1. The electric bill does not skyrocket with the use of the misting fan.

A misting fan, despite its additional cooling features, is still just a fan. It does not consume relatively high electricity to operate. The problem with the air conditioner is that it has a high need for electricity thus it results to higher electric bills. Most cooling fans use only around 25% of the energy required by an air conditioning unit.

  1. Fresher air is produced with the misting fan.

new MistingWhat is great about the misting fan is that it takes the dry air and adds moisture in it. It uses evaporative cooling to make the air cooler, in that its procedure consists of producing a thin mist that would quickly evaporate in the air and consequently lower temperature. The air produced is also fresher as opposed to the air produced in air conditioners. Though the use of air conditioners makes the general area cooler, it however makes the air drier. This is because the process involves refrigerating indoor air.

  1. Misting fans are more efficient and effective outdoors.

The best thing about the misting fan is that it is still as effective outdoor as it is indoor. Since it adds moisture to the air and proficiently spreads it, the cooling processwould not be hindered by being outside. In truth, it is even more efficient outdoors since this device depends on the level of humidity of the area and it is usually a given fact that it is more humid outside. Though there are also attempts to create outdoor air conditioners, the effect is not as great. The cooled air does not stay chilled because external factors really work against outdoor air conditioners. The blast of cool air could only be felt in close proximity of the device and does not even spread in the area. Air conditioners work best for small, closed areas.

It is for this reason that establishments, especially restaurants prefer misting fans to air conditioners. The misting fan enables restaurant owners to set up an outdoor setting to its customer without having to worry about the constant heat and uncomfortable sticky humid air.

  1. Misting fans are more environment friendly and have better supplementary features

MistingOne of the great features of a misting fan is its odor control. Since the main purpose of the fan is to provide fresh air, it makes sure that the air circulating in the area is fresh and free from unwanted odor. This is unlike the air conditioner which traps the chilled air in the room, along with whatever existing odor, whether pleasant or not. Moreover, the misting fan prevents the build up of dust particles. This is due to the area being constantly misted; a misted area does not collect dust. Another great result of a misted area is that it has fewer insects.

There are still a lot more reasons why the misting fans are superior to the air conditioners but it all boils down to the main reason why users would be purchasing a cooling device. In general, a misting fanis cost-efficient, environment-friendly, and works best in large outdoor areas with high humidity levels.